Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Yup, that about sums it up. [Can that be considered a “summary”?!] I made the move to Orlando at the beginning of June, and let me tell you: Murphy’s Law has sucker punched me right in the jaw.

Since this stud decided to go traipse around Afghanistan, I did the move alone. [Well. Me and a couple of movers.]


Here’s how this story goes.

Katy moves to Orlando. During a tropical depression.

Katy leaves debit card in Jacksonville, FL at mother’s house, and realizes it at the gas station 2 hours away when her gas light is on.

Katy realizes she only has one washing machine hose.

Katy is told her dryer plug doesn’t fit the outlet.

Katy doesn’t get cell phone reception AT ALL in new home.

Katy replaces dryer plug all by herself and is ready to give herself a pat on the back and say “Boo-yah” to all her Facebook doubters… until she plugs it in and there is no electricity.

Katy says “Screw it” and goes to Disney World for the evening. Comes home to a working dryer. Disney cures everything. [Then gives herself a pat on the back and smugly looks at her Facebook wall.]

Katy’s internet stops working.

Katy’s dryer stops producing heat.

Katy says “screw it” and goes to Jacksonville for a week. Comes home and finds both still not working. Jacksonville doesn’t have the magical powers of Disney apparently.

Katy gets new kitten. First kitten hates new kitten. House is a war zone.

Okay, okay. Maybe this stuff is easily fixed [a few calls to various service desks and changing phone providers], and maybe it’s extremely obnoxious to refer to yourself in the third person while dramatically exclaiming how you have the hardest life EVAR, and maybe I should give the cats more than 18 hours together before I start crying over how my children [yes. my cats are my children.] hate each other, and now me as a result, but. But. BUT. That’s what grown-ups do, and does this look like someone who wants to be a grown-up??

P.S. I dyed my hair again.

Just kidding. All whining aside, the worst part is obviously being separated from my husband, the rest is just growing moving pains. Not to mention, like I told Shane… by the time he gets home, I’ll be a washer and dryer expert. Winking smile

I did get a new kitten. She’s a baby [3 months old] and super rambunctious. I named her Cheshire because I love my Disney kitties. Bagheera hates her, but I love them both dearly so I hope they grow on each other soon. Wanna see her? Of course you do.


Sorry about the random pillows. My brother is obsessed with making her forts/beds.

Alright, I’m off. We’re doing a little trip to Disney tonight to catch the fireworks. Have a great day!