Sunday, July 31, 2011

Water Gun Fights Are Epic Win


Hey blogging loves! I had such a wonderful time at the National Water Gun Fight, and successfully managed to take a ton of photos! I even got two videos! So, without further ado, here is my recap, full of picture fun.

Here is a video of everyone saying hi. Please excuse my complete dorkiness. I was SO nervous. I’ve never said hi on the blog before… Haha.

Now, for the epic picture overload…


Me and my princess.




The whole gang. <3


Our favorite. Look at my princess. She wasn’t quite sure what was going on…


Team Blue. Losers. Sillies. Not winners. :)


Team Red. Full of win.


Akemi was distracted by swings about 2.5 seconds after exiting the vehicle. We never really got her interested in water guns again…


You talkin’ to me?!


Super groovy picture of Shane in a slide.


Protecting our base. <3


Refill break.


Sean being pensive.


Hot and tired. But having a BLAST.


Kilgore and the cannon.


The execution of Lance by Red Team.


The execution went south quickly….


Ellie vs. Shawn.


Execution of Ellie. Lance’s revenge.


Katy attacks an uninterested Mikey.


Mikey attacks back.


So. Much. Fun.


Brandi vs. Katy


Cannon vs. Cannon


Wish I could tell you what was going on here. Lance, Lance, Lance….


Godmother vs. Godfather


These next few are me getting PWND.



Shane came to rescue me. <3 (Even though it looks like he is shooting me….)


Stealing extra ammo!


Sister vs. Sister


Consorting with the enemy. Tsk. Tsk.


Crazy arsenal. <3 We have quite the weapons cash.


Best friend matchy-matchy. <3


Kilgor in his ‘Nam days.


Team Blue post-battle.


Team Win – I mean Red, post battle.

And here is another video for your viewing pleasure. <3 Lance being shot point blank with two cannons. And then me attacking him. :)

Basically, we had a blast. The funny thing is, we were only out there like an hour. Guess we are getting old. We were hot and dehydrated and hungry, lol. But still one of the most fun things I’ve done in a long time.

I also had a wonderful rest of the weekend with my boyfriend. It was a pretty great celebration of our anniversary. I’ll blog more on that later. Have a great Sunday night, y’all!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Caught Red Handed


So, there is this event on Facebook that kind of went viral. On July 30, (Saturday!) there is supposed to be this huge nation-wide water gun fight.

Basically the premise is, you take a white t-shirt, write Team Red or Team Blue on it, (you’re not supposed to have a red or blue shirt) grab a water gun, and go about your day. If you run into anyone throughout the day sporting enemy colors, you attack.

Sounds lame, right?! PSSSSSSH. Me and my friends were all over it. I lucked out even more because Shane is going to be in town for our anniversary. What better way to spend it than shooting each other with water?

My bestie and the rest of our gang had already chosen sides when Shane and I decided to join in on the fun. Ellie was all alone on Team Red, while Lance and Mikey, and everyone else we know is Blue. Lance and Mikey have been ready for weeks.


They made their shirts……





Like I said. They are Team:


After some serious negotiations That went something like this:


Sorry that’s so big. :) Anyways. We chose:


And we both have shirts with nicknames.


I would deny making such shirts…. But I was caught red-handed.


Should be an epic battle. But let’s be real. The person to be the most afraid of is my godbaby, Akemi. She’s a machine.


Good luck on the battlefield, and may the best team (RED) win. (You’re so going down Lance.)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Three Tangent Tuesday!


Yay! It’s back! I love doing TTT, and you can find some past ones here,  and here.

Basically it’s where I take three totally random facts about myself or my life and tell y’all. Then hope and pray y’all might still want to be friends after hearing about how weird I am! It was started by Janae at The Hungry Runner Girl, and I love it so much!!

Three Tangent Tuesday!

+ I love doing puzzles. No, seriously. I de-stress to puzzles. And once I start one it’s all I want to do. I’m really good at them too. Not to brag or anything. :) You can also tell the difference of if I’m sad (or mad) and doing a puzzle to work through it, or just engrossed in one because it’s fun by the music I listen to. I will always listen to Tim McGraw if something is wrong. Haha. It’s kinda weird, but it helps me through things. Here is the puzzle I finished last week. :)



+ My mom and I were mean this weekend. Not really, but it was kinda funny. We had an eye doctor appointment at 9am in Jacksonville, which is like an hour drive. So we left at 8am, and set out to go to the doctor and then run a few errands. We were supposed to be back by noon. Until BabyBro and Daddy-o called to tell us the power was out.

Um. 100 degrees and no ac? No thanks. So we turned the day into a shopping date, and hit up three different air conditioned craft stores, a clothing store, an ice cream parlor, I mean you get the drift. The power turned out to be out from 9am until 7 pm. We got home at 4pm, so we only caught the last 3 hours. They were so mad at us! (Technically they could have left at any time themselves, they just chose not to!) 

It was funny. Plus, Mom got her eyebrows waxed for the first time ever!



+ Shane and I bought a new washer and dryer. They already broke. Seriously. We went out and spent a fortune on my dream washer and dryer. I was so excited because this was our first large household item bought together. (By this, I mean I picked it out, and he paid….) It was delivered on Saturday. The washer made it through half a load before turning off and not coming back on. (With my clothes locked inside.) We’re really upset. Shane calls it the world’s most expensive paperweight. Don’t shop at Home Depot in Jacksonville, NC. Their customer service blows. They have not been helpful at all, and it’s turning into a huge mess trying to get it fixed/replaced. At least they are pretty….



Well, that’s this week’s version of TTT. Hope everyone enjoyed. :)