Monday, July 11, 2011

Life Through Pictures

Hey y'all! Been extremely busy and what-not, so I haven't really had a chance to blog. So here is my brief walkthrough of what has been going on!


Fourth of July cupcakes. :)

14! Mile bike with Isabella!

Turn around point!

Date night with Isabella (and her hubs!)

Saw Horrible Bosses. Seriously the funniest movie I've EVER seen. :)

Shopping date with Baylee.

We toured the mall for like 5 hours. It was heaven.

I'm hungry.

My happy place = Books A Million!

Same author as the Friday Night Knitting Club! On Clearance! Score!

Double fistin'

Playing Dress-up. <3

Well. That about catches everyone up. I'm off to work right now, and this afternoon Shane will be in town! I have a feeling this will be the longest day of my life waiting for him!!! Gotta run! Will be sure to take lots of pictures this week!! I can't wait to show off my man!


  1. aww :) cute pictures girl! your double fistin one cracks me up! happy monday xo

  2. What fun! I am in love with that red shirtdress you're wearing on your "date night"--where is it from?!

  3. You look gorgeous girl. Um I am still drooling at your cupcakes. Please send me some bahaha. I'll send you pancakes. Dealio.

  4. ahhh fun! so wait -- you ARE moving here?! I'm free on friday btw, the Virginia trip got moved to a different weekend =) so we can grab lunch in J-Vegas if you're game

  5. what is that you're double fistin!? looks so good... browsing the mall for 5 hours sounds like heaven to me!

  6. That dress is super cute! Sounds like you are doing fabulous and having a blast!

  7. Um HELLO yummy cupcakes!!! Can't wait to see the pics of you and Shane. You two are so stinkin cute!!! :)

  8. LOVE the bikes and LOVE that read dress your wearing! Where's it from?!

  9. Awww glad you're having so much fun lately! Love this. Love seeing your gorgeous smiling face! :D

  10. loving your hair and tan! You look gorg :)

  11. woman! email me your number so we can grab lunch tomorrow! How does Thai sound? ;)

    peasandcrayons [at]


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