Meet Katy

Hi guys. 

My name is Jessica. 

Nah. I'm just kidding. My name is Katy (obviously), and you're probably trying to figure out why anyone on Earth wants to read about my life. Or how it is tackled. 

Good question. If you can answer it, lemme know, since I think I'm like 90% weird, 5% boring, and 5% fun. Haha. Lemme tell you a little about myself.

This is me. Well, a very well thought out photo of me that actually looks nothing like me on a regular basis. 

I'll start with the title. Why Katy Tackles Life? Because I don't really have a "theme" for my blog, it's more of an odd diary of my life, and focuses on my everyday shenanigans, my motivation (or lack thereof) to workout, trying to become Martha Stewart, and full of things I love. 

Speaking of, here is a peek into what I love.

My man. His name is Shane, though I usually refer to him as Snuggle Boo. He loves it.

My miniature panther. Her name is Bagheera.

My team. They make up my life on Saturdays from September until January.

My pastimes:
+Reading! It even has it's own page!
+Xbox 360. Don't even come at me with anything Playstation. I'm a hardcore fanboy.
+Crafting. It also has it's own page!
+Watching trashy reality tv, and DVRing practically anything that comes on the CW.

I have quite a few flaws, including but not limited to (At least I'm told these are flaws. I don't have any problems with them!): 
+The volume of my voice is permanently set to MAX.
+ I talk to my cat all day everyday. She is my best friend.
+ I play video games more than a grown woman PROBABLY should.
+ I am married and in my mid-twenties, yet the thought of having a human baby reliant upon me is unappealing. 

Hope you like what you see. If not, that's cool, too.

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  1. hahaha "the volume of my voice is permanently set to max" I think we'll get along just fine lol


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