Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Caught Red Handed


So, there is this event on Facebook that kind of went viral. On July 30, (Saturday!) there is supposed to be this huge nation-wide water gun fight.

Basically the premise is, you take a white t-shirt, write Team Red or Team Blue on it, (you’re not supposed to have a red or blue shirt) grab a water gun, and go about your day. If you run into anyone throughout the day sporting enemy colors, you attack.

Sounds lame, right?! PSSSSSSH. Me and my friends were all over it. I lucked out even more because Shane is going to be in town for our anniversary. What better way to spend it than shooting each other with water?

My bestie and the rest of our gang had already chosen sides when Shane and I decided to join in on the fun. Ellie was all alone on Team Red, while Lance and Mikey, and everyone else we know is Blue. Lance and Mikey have been ready for weeks.


They made their shirts……





Like I said. They are Team:


After some serious negotiations That went something like this:


Sorry that’s so big. :) Anyways. We chose:


And we both have shirts with nicknames.


I would deny making such shirts…. But I was caught red-handed.


Should be an epic battle. But let’s be real. The person to be the most afraid of is my godbaby, Akemi. She’s a machine.


Good luck on the battlefield, and may the best team (RED) win. (You’re so going down Lance.)


  1. Hahahah this is hilarious. Kick some a** this weekend :p

  2. You are going down katy go blue or go home =)

  3. Oh girl, this is fabulous! I am so glad you passed this on! What a brilliant idea! You guys have the BEST time!

  4. OMG this is so funny!! The pic of your goddaughter is ridiculous! I can't wait to hear the recap on this epic event!! :)

  5. HA that is so funny. I'll be in NYC this weekend so I'll be on the lookout for people wearing these shirts. I hope I see someone.

  6. This looks like so much fun! Wish I could participate!

  7. I really hope you will be posting a recap of this! Sounds hilarious!


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