Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vacation Catch-Up


So, I’ve actually got a lot of things to blog lately, finally. [The past few months have been a blur of boring nothing happening, so I haven’t bored you all with blog fluff. That has changed!]

Starting with the most amazing vacation of my freaking life! My hottie husband is deploying to Afghanistan soon [For the record, I am not handling it well… but that’s a story for another day!] so we just spent the last two weeks on his pre-deployment leave. This included a trip to Kentucky for a wedding –> Pensacola to see my favorite roomie ever –> Jacksonville for Baby Bro’s birthday –> Orlando for Disney fun / apartment hunting / school applying –> Jacksonville for family / friends visiting –> Orlando for more school stuff –> Jacksonville for final goodbyes –> back to North Carolina.

Whew. That was a mouthful (and a whole bunch of driving!). I’m thoroughly exhausted and unbelievably happy. I’ll try to do a post on each evolution, but here’s the highlights!

+ I GOT ACCEPTED TO MY SCHOOL! Oh wow, I’m so excited. This not only gives me something to do [besides cry myself to sleep over a Ben + Jerry’s container] while the Marine is gone, but a means of gaining employment once we no longer have the security blanket of military paychecks! I’m starting the Aveda Institute of Orlando on June 28th!

Now I just have to buy lots ‘o black clothing. [I’m a Florida gal, I like bright colors! I own like one article of black!] Okay, to be honest I’ve already drug the Marine to all kinds of stores to stock up. Retail therapy, what?!

+ My wonderful friend Jess [also my savior from the depths of North Caroline loneliness!] got married! She was the most gorgeous bride [she can pull of retro better than a pin-up girl!] and it was such a beautiful, intimate wedding. So happy for the newlyweds!


+ Two of my oldest friends had their first child! [Full disclosure, I introduced them! Now THAT is a story, haha!] Izzy and Greg were high (and middle for her!) school sweethearts, and finally gave us a bebe to spoil! I might just steal this little angel. [Too creepy? Nah!]


+ Two words. DISNEY WORLD!


+ We got an apartment in Orlando. Now we just need to pack up our beach house. [I’m so sad I won’t get to spend the summer at the beach. Biggest downside to moving.]

That’s the cliffnotes. There are about a thousand little details, but I’m off to enjoy this drive [aka read my book.] Have a wonderful day!

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  1. AWE. Sorry to hear about the deployment. I send you both my deepest well wishes! That vaykay sounds like the bomb though girl!


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