Sunday, April 24, 2011



I figured out some of the bugs, so now I can really catch y'all up!

First off, yes, Shane and I are no longer together. It was a difficult decision to make, but I believe the right one. However, it is still a sad fact of my life, and I'd rather not talk so publicly about it.

So, I'll talk about what's going on in my life now. I'm back in Virginia, and totally not loving it. Haha. No, it's ok, just kind of lonely. A good friend of mine from Hawaii was here visiting his sister this weekend, so I got to meet his whole family, and they were super nice and inviting. I had a really good time, and hope to hang out with his sister and her family again while I'm here.

Anthony and I

This next week I start what is called "TAPS" class. It's a transitioning class that every service member is supposed to take, to help prepare us to going from military life back to civilian life. The idea is to help us write our resumes, find out how to translate our military accomplishments into something the civilian sector can understand, etc. Every TAPS class I've ever heard of has you wearing Business attire. Except this one. Uniform it is. Ugh. I bought some new cute business clothes, too. Oh well. I'm more upset at having to be there at 6:30 am. Especially since I'm on a different base, and don't know how to get there. So I have to leave earlier to account for getting lost/traffic. Wish me luck! :)

I am becoming an old pro at going to the movies alone! Ha. I saw Arthur earlier this week, and today I went and saw Water For Elephants. I kind of like doing things on my own, it's very new for me. Kind of lonely, though. I will definitely be glad to be back in Jacksonville! :) I'm running a race the day after I get out of the Navy, and I'm super excited about it.It's called the Never Quit Beach Fest and I'm super looking forward to it. My best friend and her family are doing it also. :)

Well, I'm off for now. I have to finish laundry and get some sleep, since I have such an early wake-up call tomorrow. I'll be back with pictures of my first day of TAPS! :) Have a great day everyone!


  1. aww cute pics girl :) wow i'm so jealous you go to the movies alone ha i really should do that- AHH and i saw Arthur and Water for Elephants too! I love the org of Arthur more and just thought WFE was okay- of course I love the book more ;) hope you had a great eater girl! xo

  2. You're back with a new blog!! Love the title! I'm really interested in the TAPS class! I hope it goes well. I've got about 100 more pages of Water for Elephants, and then I'll be off to the movie theater to see it too!

  3. I wish I was brave enough to go to movies alone! My husband is dreading my bff moving away because I'll drag him to all the movies she normally would watch with me (our latest outing was "I Am Number Four").

    That race sounds awesome! Have fun in your TAPS class!

  4. Good luck with your class! What a huge accomplishment for you to have done so much in life at 24! It sounds like you're following your heart, even when it's not the easiest path--giving yourself the potential to have a super awesome life!
    Looking forward to updates :)

  5. Hey Katy! I love you new blog, cute title! Good luck with your TAPS class! You'll have to keep us updated on that! I'm also excited you've signed up for a race, that's going to be super fun! :)

  6. *HUGE HUG*

    Girl, I have no idea what happened with Shane, but I want you to know I am here for you. Love you, sweet girl!

    I hope the TAPS classes go well!


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