Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Randoms


As you can tell, I’ve decided to start blogging again. During my hiatus of a few months A LOT changed in my life, including how I wanted my blog to be. I still haven’t quite figured out what direction I want to go in, so I have decided just wing it. I’m going to share a lot of my life here, but don’t expect me to see me hashing out drama (at least of the personal kind!). I have my feet firmly planted in the “One does not air their dirty laundry” camp.

ANYWAY. That doesn’t mean I won’t be honest about things on my mind. So, in that fashion I’ve decided to start a “Friday Randoms” weekly shindig where I talk about whatever is on my mind. It may frilly, it may be superficial, it may be controversial. Feel free to chime in!

Here we go!

My Friday Thoughts

+ I’m not happy with the USMC right now. My husband not only has to work this entire weekend, but his birthday is Monday, and he has to work from 4:30 am until midnight. So while I am sitting here in his my USMC sweats, I am glaring at the logo. If he didn’t look so sexy in uniform, I’d probably make him get out. (JOKE. Mostly.)


+ I have to get a job. I’ve enjoyed the past few months work free, but I am really beginning to feel like a high and mighty princess sitting home all day when I could be out there pretending to be an upstanding citizen. Plus, I’m bored and I think I talk to my cat more than is deemed appropriate by mental health standards. The biggest contributing factor, though, is keeping myself from spiraling into a deep, dark, depression when the huscat deploys. For once, there is no sarcasm. My brain has a habit of going to dark places when all I have is time to think of what could go wrong, and I need to distract myself as much as possible to prevent that. Or at least try to.

+ Next month tomorrow I will be running from zombies! How fun is that?! Plus, it will be my best friend’s birthday and we will have race shirts made with Skyrim references. Race? Zombies? Best friends? SKYRIM? Win all around. Any video game haters can just Fus Ro Dah!

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+ Yes I’ve seen the new Hunger Games trailer. Yes, it makes me tear up (fact.), but if you want some seriously haunting beautiful Hunger Games action, check this video out. I have to give Ms. Swift some major props.

Well, I’m off for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

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  1. I agree about airing your dirty laundry on the blog. That is for another part of your life. I'm glad to have you back though and take your blog wherever you would like! :)


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