Thursday, February 23, 2012

Greetings From Florida

Hey guys, it’s been a busy couple of days! First off, I want to start out saying Happy Birthday to my Mom!!


Okay, let’s rewind shall we? On Friday I drove down to Florida for a weeklong stay, and I was kind of bummed to be away from Shane for an entire week. (He’s leaving relatively soon for deployment, so I’m kind of selfish about our time together!) Imagine my surprise when he showed up at my parents’ house Friday night!!

He drove down to Florida when he got off of work (half day!) to surprise me! He couldn’t stay the entire week, but he did stay until Tuesday, so I was over the moon. I sure do adore my husband.

On Saturday I went to my longtime friend, Isabella’s baby shower. She is expecting her first (a boy named Liam!) and I am actually the one who introduced her and her husband, over a decade ago. She’s just the most adorable pregnant lady, and I can’t wait to meet Liam!


My mom and I put our gifts together, though I am making a blanket for Liam, as well. I got about 80% through one, and decided I hated it, so I’ve got to start from scratch. Luckily I have some time before he’s born (he’s due on his father’s birthday which is neat!). Isn’t she so pretty?!

Sunday Shane and I went out to eat with Izzy and her husband, then headed over to my best friend’s house to spend a few days.

Katy & Izzy Feb 2012 0021

The purple streaks are fake, but on Tuesday I did go with a friend and got the tips of my hair dyed blue. I love it so much, I’ve been wanting to do something fun with my hair since I got out of the Navy, over a year ago! Speaking of the Navy, I found one of my covers from Africa in my mom’s truck. Apparently my brother likes to wear it to school, lol.


Not exactly within regulations… but I’ll take it!

Yesterday my brother’s school had picture day, so I spent the day volunteering to help out. It was kind of fun, especially when I learned that one of the photographers is a cat lady, also! We were swapping photos of our little fur monsters in the lulls between classes, haha.

Well, I better head off. Mom is requesting red velvet cupcakes for her birthday! Have a great day everybody!!


  1. Awww Katy!! Man times have changed! I'm so glad to see you're doing well!!! I see you periodically on Facebook, but this blog is a nice surprise. Love the pics! Post some of your hair, because I too am dying to do something crazy with my hair whenever I get out, and I love the "dip-dye" look!

  2. Thats so sweet that your hubby joined you in FL! Enjoy the rest of your trip :o)


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