Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crafting Roadblocks!

Hey y’all!

So yesterday I decided to get out from in front of my television and join the real world again. I needed to do a little grocery shopping and wanted to try out some crafty ideas, so I needed to hit up Michaels.

I seriously love Michaels. They always seem to read my mind! This is the second time I went into that store with a list, and everything I needed was on sale. For this broke girl, that is just amazing.

So I come home all refreshed and excited to make things, and I go out onto my balcony armed with some spray paint, ready to get down. Then I see this out of the corner of my eye.


Oh yeah. Deal breaker. The wind was blowing this guy dangerously close to me, and I ran for cover back into my apartment! Since Shane was gone, I had to call him and yell at him for not being able to go kill this monster. I could tell he was after me, and didn’t want to risk death and dismemberment.

For some weird reason Shane would not let me spray paint inside the apartment, so I had to venture back outside with bleach cleaning spray and slay the beast myself. I think I deserve a medal of valor, honestly.

So, since spray paint was out for the evening, I set to work on making another paint chip picture. Until I faced another challenge.

A random panther decided she wanted to stake claim on my project, and challenged me to cross her.


Woe is me. Haha. I did manage to persuade the jungle cat away from the superglue, and the rest of the night went by without incident. Today I am able to paint without the threat of arachnids, and all is well.

I’ll be sure to blog about my latest project. I’ve decided to do a lot of decorating while Shane is gone, and surprise him. :)

Have a great day everyone!


  1. That is one horribly huge spider. Scary!!!

  2. Ew that spider is not okay. I would have come back into the house screaming.


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