Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Disney Joy

Hey guys! I’m having so much re-living my Disney adventures, and I seriously need to get to scrapbooking it ASAP. [Note to self, go get pictures developed today!]

I’ll start up where I left off. Saturday was the big day, when Akemi [my little angel of a goddaughter] was getting the Princess makeover at the Bippity-Boppity Boutique. Basically, you go, get your nails and makeup done, and you choose a hairstyle, and then you get turned into a Princess!

Akemi was going to be Princess Tiana [since she’s her mini-me!], though ironically enough, it seems her favorite Princess is Ariel. Smart girl. Ariel and Tiana are MY two favorite princesses! Haha.

Her appointment wasn’t until 1pm, so we hit up the Magic Kingdom for the morning, but actually split up, since we had minimal time to get the park done. Nana and Papa and Uncle Bobby took the wee ones on the little rides, and El, Shane, Ryan, Brandi, Mikey and myself all hit up the good ones. Starting with the Haunted Mansion of course.

Next we jostled over to Thunder Mountain, then Splash Mountain, ending the rides with Pirates of the Caribbean. That was all we had time for, but we were blessed in that we didn’t have any lines, and walked directly onto all the rides. We met back up with the rest of the crew for lunch.

Magic Kingdom

[In the stocks right before the Haunted Mansion]

[Waiting on Thunder Mountain]

[Right before the big drop on Splash Mountain]

                [Pirates of the Caribbean]

                                                   [On the Pirates ride]

Next went to eat lunch, then off to Downtown Disney to make Akemi’s Princess appointment. It was so awesome! She was a complete doll, and I can tell she is going to be a total diva. She ate the attention up, and I was starting to cry, honestly.

Akemi’s Transformation




After the wee one was transformed, we headed over to Epcot. I don’t know about y’all, but Epcot is my absolute favorite at Disney World, even though when I was a teenager I thought it was so boring. [“They, like, want me to, like, LEARN something? Like, where are the, like, RIDES?] I was slightly, um…. retarded? Epcot is the shiz, and it has something for EVERYONE. The countries alone are so cool. Plus, Mission Space, Test Trak, and Soarin’? Psssssssh. Anything but lame. It was so much fun, and at the end of the day we were DONE.


                [Shots in Mexico. And Ryan being creepy, AGAIN!]

          [Channeling my inner panda in China.]

                      [Channeling my inner fat kid in Germany]

And thus completes my Disney recap. It was super wonderful, and I can’t wait to go back, and this time hit up Universal and Sea World [my FAVORITE]. I hope y’all enjoyed my recap. <3


  1. OMG---every little girl's dream! I saw all this going on when I was there in July, and it just looked like so much fun!

  2. It looks like you're having such a great time! Can you believe I've never been to Disney World before? I know CRAZY! Loved all the pics!

  3. She looks like the happiest kid ever!




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