Monday, October 3, 2011

Falling for Fall

Hey everyone!

Is anyone else in love with Fall? I think you are, because everyone keeps talking about it. I haven’t had any season except summer for the past 6 years, so this is some kind of magical wonder for me!

Shane and I went fall shopping [I have NO fall clothes, only summer warm ones!] and I can’t wait to wear all my outfits! I wore one, with my new Navy boots! [In my opinion, the best part of fall is the ability to wear boots!]


In other news, of the football variety, this past Saturday my team suffered it’s first loss of the season. Florida lost to Alabama, which just so happens to be my daddy’s team of choice. [He’s from Birmingham] So, OF COURSE, he calls me on Sunday to rub it in my face, telling me all about how he wore the Bama shirt I bought him [for his birthday] all day. And got lots of compliments on it. [I doubt the compliments part, though, since our entire small town sports orange and blue… haha.]

I don’t know how we’re related, but I love him anyways.


Now I’m just cleaning this nasty house, planning on baking some fun cupcakes, and decorating Christmas ornaments. The plan is to have the tree decorated in all DIY ornaments! :)

I’m off for now! Have a WONDERFUL fall day everyone!


  1. yay! where did you get the blue boots from? let me know! i bought a new pair of brown ones this season and i am obsessed!

  2. LOVE your new outfit girl!!! super cute!

  3. Love your outfit!

    Fall is my favorite season!
    I love boots & scarves & I love pumpkin and apples!

  4. Your look gorgeous in your new outfit with the boots!

  5. My stepmonster went to Michigan, so I totally understand your pain. Especially since they are going to beat us this year. Also, boots are the best part of fall and winter! I love my motorcycle style Uggs.


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