Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Miles of Catching Up

So annoyed right now.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing major. Haha. Just the weather not co-operating with me. How dare Mother Nature interfere with my plans!

But in all seriousness I did have some plans to do some crafts/photography for the blog that required sunshine, so I’m in the process of shifting gears right now!

On a brighter note, last night I met up with one of my oldest friends to walk and catch up. It was 3 of the best miles I’ve spent in a long time. <3

Plus the view wasn’t too shabby either!


Isabella is expecting her first child, so we chatted about that, and lots of other things. Then we had a diner date at Chipotle, and I sure do love my Chipotle!


Last night I also wrote a guest post, so go check it out. <3

I got my hair done today, nothing fancy, same thing as usual. I’ll spare the photos. [Who am I kidding. You know they’ll be up tomorrow or something!]

Well, I’m off to do this craft. I have some things I want to make my Momma, and I leave here Thursday morning.

Love you guys! <3


  1. Walks with friends are one of my fave things to do!
    I just got my hair done yesterday...chopped off 5 inches, and it feels so darn good!
    Have fun with your craft :)

  2. I love walks with friends and catching up! Hope your day gets better and the weather is better tomorrow! ;)

  3. I used to go for a 1-2 mile run with my bff and then we'd just walk around the track for miles. I miss that (she moved away)!

  4. Aww yay for time with good friends! :) Can't wait to see your hair! :D


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