Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ponies, Dancing, and A Little Bit of Food

So, my buddy [and fellow god-parent] Lance has decided on his Halloween costume for the year.

My Little Pony.

Apple Delight to be exact.


So, since my best friend is a super talented and famous [well she SHOULD be!] artist, he kindly asked her to paint his zentai suit with the little ‘tattoos’ on the pony. Oh yeah. I took pictures.



How awesome is that?! I can’t wait to see the final product.

Another thing that may or may not have happened was an impromptu dance party in the kitchen….

Kitchen Dance Party

Then, finally, there was the food.

Oh, the food. <3

Usually when I cook with Lance I tell him I want to help, and have him teach me. [Lance is an actual chef. Culinary school and all.] What I mean is, “You do all the work, while I blog and Facebook.”


But this time, I actually did have to help a little, since he was in a white spandex suit with wet paint.

I’m excellent at dicing potatoes, if I do say so myself. <3

I also learned some fun facts. Such as where the term “86 it” came from.

I’ll be guest blogging on Lance’s blog later with all the goods. So be sure to check it out. <3 Love y’all! And feel free to break out in a dance party at all times. I’ll never judge. <3


  1. Woah. That man is definitely willing to throw his dignity out the window for Halloween. LOVE IT!

  2. bahahahah love the my little pony costume!

  3. LOVE that so not creative! and would not look good in a white spandex!

  4. Awesome blog katy =) Can't wait for your guest appearance on my blog. Also ty you all who love my costume =)


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