Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dinner Parties, Adventures, and Fathers...

Oh hi. How are y'all!?

I'm doing pretty well. Yesterday I went to a friend's for a dinner party. Let me just say Megan is the when it comes to cooking some yum spaghetti!! I was super tempted to eat my entire weight in it. I didn't, though. I made room for the delicious stuffed mushrooms and bruscetta. (or however it is spelled/pronounced.)

If there is any one random fact to learn about Ms. Katy (A.K.A. myself) it's that I live to dress up in a dress and heels. I'm not kidding. In Hawaii I used to make my friends go out to dinner JUST to dress up. I love it so much. I have more dresses than a department store. Haha.

It was a really good time, and I asked (demanded?!) Megan to do it again really soon. :) After dinner was the obligatory photo shoot. Not all pictures made it on the blog. There were a lot... Haha.

I even made Mikey (from the yoga adventure post?!) take a prom picture with me. :) I love these, haha. Mikey was sort-of used as a photo prop all night long. Poor boy. Who want to take pictures with pretty girls all night. He leads a difficult life, I tell ya.

Afterwards we headed back to Ellie's. The baby was at Nana's for the evening, so Ellie and i decided to go on midnight (or 2 AM...) adventure. But first I had to open Ellie's beer for her. I have serious talents. Sorry for any dentists out there!! :)

When we were in high school (and pretty much up until Ellie gave to birth to my godbaby.... children really put a damper on late night woods adventures....) we always went on adventures in the middle of the night. Whether to a haunted plantation out here in Jacksonville, or ghost hunting in St. Augustine, or a trip to Poet's Beach (a beach littered with sun bleached HUGE driftwood trees), or an Indian preserve in a swamp. Literally there is a pond named Gator Pond on the reserve. And yes, we've been there at night. Adventurous we are. Intelligent... that's not as guaranteed.

Well we were in a fun mood last night, and decided to go. The rest of our friends remembered they are grown ups and opted to stay and play XBOX. Haha. Lame.

Let me explain something about summer in Jacksonville. We call it "spider season". Because in the woods (all of them!) huge (and I mean as big as your fist huge!) banana spiders make these huge elaborate webs all throughout the woods. They cross trails, hang above you, etc. It's terrifying. So we set out hoping that maybe due to all the smoke lately, the spiders would not have been out and web building.

Wrong. After passing the trail head 4 times (the road is PITCH BLACK and there are no signs or indicators, you just have to go by memory. We were trying to go to Poet's Beach BTW.) we finally got there, loaded up our flashlights, and mace. Hey. We were two girls roaming the woods in the middle of nowhere at 2:30 in the morning. We're not the most cautious, but we're not total idiots! We got 10 steps into the trail before we ran right into one. Spanned the whole trail. Whoops. So much for adventure. Haha. So we took some fun pictures. Haha.

The road we are on is Hecksher Dr, and it is our favorite road ever. Also known as A1A. We want twin side by side houses on the water off of A1A someday. It's a special road to us. :)

Then we headed back to go to sleep. Yeah right. After more hanging out and Facebook picture updating. Haha. I'll just say it was daylight before I fell asleep. About 5 minutes later Mom calls. (Ok. Maybe 3 hours. But it sure felt like 5 minutes!) Gotta make lunch reservations for Dad's dinner. Ironically on.... Heckscher Dr!!! Haha. There is this seafood place out there that gets fresh seafood every day and it used to be the It used to be this little whole in wall joint that had super cheap, super delicious food that I loved because it was right on the river, and kind of unknown.

Now it feels like it's gone mainstream, the food is overpriced, and while still fresh, not nearly as good as it used to be. It's also cleaner. I'm a firm believer that legit seafood joints must be 'on the verge of being condemned' looking. But maybe I'm the anti-seafood snob. Who knows.

Um, and what would this blog be without a random photo of yours truly?! Like my mask?! I sure do. :)
Other than that, just working at camp and dealing with some stuff in KatyWorld. Nope. Don't want to talk about it. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day. :-)


  1. Ouch, looking at that picture of your opening the beer bottle made my teeth ache. Does that hurt?

    Love the random prom picture!

  2. I have never heard of it being called Poet's Beach. We call it Black Rock(If I'm thinking the same beach)

  3. So much fun in this post! I love all the crazy adventures you girls have had over the years. So much fun. Also, the spiders-in-the-woods thing... sooo not cool. Definitely not a fan of spiders.

    And girl, I need to come go through your closet. I LOVE dresses! I have more than I really need so I can't justify buying more of them, but borrowing is totally allowed! :D So you need to move closer to me so I can borrow your clothes! :)

    Also, I know you said you didn't want to talk about whatever is going on in KatyWorld, but if you change your mind, you know where to find me!

  4. girl that is some crazy good fun! hope you got in a nap at some point. haha.


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