Monday, June 20, 2011

Katy's Camp of Children Torture.

Hey y'all!

How is everyone doing? I'm doing pretty darn fantastic, actually.

Camp today was fun, went to the pool and I actually got in this time! Haha. Got an awesome sunburn on my face. I didn't wear makeup today, so my face was totally unprotected from UV rays. Bad Katy. I am usually more careful than that.... Wrinkles here I come....

My kids are so cute. They love climbing on me. I mean, LOVE. I'm their personal jungle gym. They do the same in the pool. I think if I wasn't such a strong swimmer (and it's only like 3 ft deep) they would have drowned me today... Haha. The littlest one whom I have nicknamed Monkey, gets mad at me when I go into the deep end. He'll actually come fetch me. He then proceeds to jump on top of me over and over again from the side of the pool. Good thing he weighs like 8 lbs, haha.

I have some cute pictures of camp, but I am hesitant to post them, since they are all minors (actually very young children....) whose parents have no clue about this blog... So I am thinking not. There are a lot of creepy people on the interwebs after all.

One I don't mind posting since you can in no way see their faces is this one!

Last week we did a fun challenge with the kids. Once there were three, (two kids and me.) we wanted to think of something hard, since it's the two most athletic boys. So another counselor suggested push-up position. I was like, yes, planks!!

I did them for like 20 seconds. These boys had to have gone for two minutes and 30 seconds at LEAST. To say I was impressed is an understatement. Their little bodies were both shaking like a leaf, but they were flippin' troopers. Everyone else was like, "it's not even hard!" I was thinking ..... Ummmm... You try it. They stopped saying it after they made an attempt. Haha.

Other than that, I have an amazing trip to NC scheduled for next month. I'm not going to go into detail... but I'll give you a hint as to the cause. :)

Well. I'm off. Tomorrow is my day to come in late, and I have a hair appointment in the AM. I should clean my room a little.. I'm too embarrassed to take pictures now. So ^that is what you get for now. Haha. :) I'll try and get settled so I can show y'all soon, though! :)


  1. i wish i got my hair done as often as you! jealous! little boys are born with genes to have natural 6 packs... so unfair!! glad you had fun! sounds like an amazing summer so far!

  2. You're driving to NC to visit me (DUH) and steal a certain marine's jacket? Did I get it right!? huh huh huh did I?!

  3. Camp sounds like fun---the little people are great (even the jungle gym part) till they get big enough that it hurts!

  4. We're still at Bragg if ya need a place to stop & rest :) "we're" I mean me & Cainen... Steven is still gone!

  5. Hmm, something to do with Marines. Hot Marines?

    I'm with you on not posting pictures of minors to my blog without parental consent. I didn't even post my cousin's baby because he doesn't know I blog and I wouldn't want him to be upset later.

  6. Camp sounds like a great time! Definitely load up on the sunblock though because burning from the sun is dangerous girlie!

  7. That camp sounds like so much fun. I'm with you on not posting photos from minors or anyone that doesn't know. Too much situation that could happen with that.


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