Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pedro is Calling Your Name.

Have y'all ever driven I-95 North through South Carolina, or I-95 South through North Carolina?

If you have, and you were paying even the slightest attention to the road, you have seen these:

Or some variation of the like. South of the Border signs. Pedro advertising for some sort of Mexican fiesta-esque attraction. There are a gazillion of these signs littering I-95 and they are quite humorous. I always look forward to reading them!

Daddy-O and I decided to count them on the way to Jacksonville, NC to pick up my household this past weekend. 61 signs in South Carolina. Sixty-one. Isn't that ridiculous?! Some are hysterical, like the ones saying that "Kids keep begging, your parents will give in!" some were random like the one with a huge "HI" sprawled across it, and others were just boring. But the sheer amount of them is kind of ridiculous.

The best thing about South of the Border is, it's COMPLETELY DEAD during the day. I mean, there's nothing on, nobody is there, it's like a ghost town. So you see these signs for hundreds of miles, and then.... nothing. My mom is convinced it's a cover-up for a drug ring or something...

Speaking of drug rings.
This is my very fake house plant that we managed to fit in the back of my very packed truck. Drove across four states with this thing, and not until I hit Jacksonville, FL did Daddy-O tell me when it's flying in the wind does it look like a pot plant. Haha. He got such a kick out of this. So, since we currently have a yard full of cardboard boxes, we decided to put this on the front porch.

We're really trying to win "White Trash Yard" of the year. I think we're a shoe-in.

Speaking of unpacking, look who decided to come visit....

My mama's friend is a certified Wildlife caretaker, and she recently got two baby deer. One sadly died, but this little guy is doing great! Isn't he precious!? It made for a wonderful break from packing.

In other news... the smoke from Georgia and Florida being on fire reached us today. It's pretty bad. Jacksonville even had ash raining down. I saw some nasty comments about how people are complaining about smoke and fires when they CHOOSE to live in a desert. All I could think, was... that's really judgemental and harsh. (I know they were mostly talking about Arizona, but I still felt this close to home..) It's an ignorant statement, in my opinion. I just adore broad generalizations about people made by those not going through anything even remotely close to the ones you are insulting.

Makes my day.

Ok, rant is over. I'm out to shower and pass the heck out in my bed. It's been a long week.


  1. If I were given the choice, I know I probably wouldn't live here! LOL I agree with you whole-heartedly about the comments that people choose to live where they do. I mean, if you live up north, you have the chance of down south, hurricanes, fires, drought...out west, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes. Anywhere you live, you have a natural disaster just waiting to happen. I guess we all need to move to the moon! Okay, I'm done with my rant now. Cute deer photos :)

  2. I want to cuddle a cute baby deer! Actually, being a wildlife rehabilitator sounds really cool, but I think I'd cry every time I had to release an animal in to the wild.

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbabydeer!!!!!!!! that almost makes up for the fact that YOU DIDNT HAVE COFFEE WITH ME! jerk =) I forgive you

  4. Oh girl, that little deer is just the cutest! Also, stinkin' hilarious that it looked like you were moving a pot plant... ;)


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