Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Electronics and I Are Not Friends...

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been so scarce lately, trying to stay busy and all... :)

I've had some fun the past week, although, I've some tragedy also. (No, not true tragedy, just KatyWorld annoyances.) For starters, I have lost my iPod Nano. While I have another one, and an iPod Touch (the older iPod Nano I thought I had lost a year ago, and recently found snuggled up under a seat in my car, which is why I have two), I can't use the older one with my iTunes. It's saying there is a corrupt file so it won't let me upload any music. I have all of my old music, and I can charge it and stuff, but no new (and new = anything in the past year and a half) music can go on it. And as for my iPod Touch, I used to use it for running, but it's so bulky! Besides. I spent $150 on the stupid thing, I want it back! It got lost somewhere in the house, but we have looked everywhere. I'm sure I'll find it once I transfer all of my stuff that now litters the living room floor (aka my temp bedroom) - and no, I don't invite people over. I'm too embarrassed by the mess of the house! I seriously can't wait to be completely moved in! So running has not seemed very tempting lately.

I am going running tonight with my girl Izzy (same girl and trail from this post) but I'm hoping our stellar conversation and beautiful scenery will more than make up for lack of tunes. :)

Tragedy # 2? Yesterday I went to Wild Adventures and left my water-proof camera tied to a raft. Ooops. Completely forgot about it, I was too busy chasing Baby Bro out of the Lazy River (he's at a stage where he thinks pretending to drown in front of lifeguards is amusing...) and neglected to grab it. Totally my fault, but it makes me sad. I have another non-waterproof camera, but that thing was such a trooper. I've had it for over 4 years! I want to replace it, but I just can't justify the expense right now. Not when I have a perfectly usable camera to use instead. Luckily all photos except for the ones from the day are on my computer, so it wasn't a huge media loss.

Also. Last little hiccup (hopefully) in the room project. I took my SAT on Saturday morning, and as planned Daddy-o and I headed out to drive to Jacksonville, NC to retrieve my household goods. Until Daddy-o starts asking all these questions about reserving U-Hauls and whatnot.

Um. What? Who does that?! Apparently everyone. Except yours truly. Whoops. So I use the DROID (thank you hand held interwebs) to try to accomplish such a feat known to adults everywhere (Daddy-o made me feel about 12 years old. Fully deserved, I suppose) we realized it wasn't open on Sunday. Crap. So we had to turn around. At the SC border. Me being a complete spastic goof wasted about 4 1/2 hours and I won't even go into the cost of gas. Ugh. My bad. In my defense, I've never moved before when the military wasn't doing it. They show up, pack everything, load it up, and then deliver it to the new house and unpack it. You just watch. I miss that. I miss that alot.

SO we're going this weekend for try #2. Wish me luck!

Wild Adventures was super fun with the exception of the camera-losing. I didn't go to the theme park side of it, just bee-lines for the waterpark and spent the rest of the day in my bathing suit soaking up sun, riding waves, or lazy-rivering it up. (The lazy river is my FAVORITE part!!) I finished the book The Hunger Games.

Please. Like you've never had an 'accident' before.
Just kidding. It's from my swimsuit. That's my story.. and I'm sticking to it!

Um. Holy hell. I was recommended this book, and I've heard about them turning it into a show/movie/something, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Couldn't. Put. It. Down. "Hey Katy, wanna go to the wave pool?" "Nope. Reading." "Hey, lazy river time, wanna go?" "Nope. Reading." "Hey Katy, wanna win a million dollars? All you have to do is put the book down for like 5 seconds." "Nope. Reading."

Ok. Maybe the last one was exaggerated. But only slightly. I really was intrigued hardcore by this book. It's about (sorry if you've already read them!) civilization in a post war North America where the government forces compliance and resists revolutions by annually forcing 24 teenagers aged anywhere between 12 and 18 into an arena to fight to the death. It's fantastic. I went out and bought the next two (it's a trilogy) today, and will start on that later. Kinda (super) excited.

Oh, and I don't want to post any room pictures until it's completely finished, but I will leave you with this! :)

Oh. And on a separate note. I know Blogger has been having a whole bunch of problems. I've tried leaving comments (TNA) on some of your blogs, and I've heard my comments thing is also wishy-washy. I don't have a fix, but I do have a work-around that works FOR ME. I can't use IE as a browser. It just won't work with blogger right now. I use Google Chrome. (However I can't use GC with Facebook, I have to use IE... so I'm all kinds of FUBAR right now...)

Anyways. Have a great day!



  1. For the iPod... plug it into the computer and open iTunes. Then click "Restore". You will lose EVERYTHING currently on the iPod but then you can add new stuff and it should work like new! ...happened to me, I was VERY frustrated :)

  2. hey! i am so sorry you lost your camera. i would have cried!

    is it bad i feel lucky enough to see all your pics first on facebook? haha almost makes me forget to leave comments!

  3. I love, love, love the Hunger Games! I recommend the books to everyone I meet. I made this mistake of reading the first 2 on a tour of Costa Rica and all I wanted to do was read.

    I'm with the you on the electronics! I'm constantly terrified of losing my tiny iPod Nano and my keyboard sticks because of the tea I dumped in it (this computer can't be more than 3 months old).

  4. My ipod is broken too and I cannot figure out how to fix it and restore doesnt work.

    I have wanted to read the hunger games for ages now. One day I'll get to the bookstore and buy it. When I have freetime.

    And come back to VA. mkay.

  5. yep, that sounds like me. electronics, computer, etc. all hate me. Oh well. Life could be worse, right?

    love the room!


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