Friday, June 24, 2011

Good news, More good news, Regular news, and Lance Larsen.

Hey y'all!

First off, I want to apologize for the sheer amount of photos in this post. :) And not nearly all of them made the final cut.

I have a few things to tell y'all, so be prepared for lots of news!

First, and most importantly: Shane and I are back together!! For those of you have followed me from my previous blog, you know I was engaged, and for reasons I'm still not comfortable disclosing, we split up.
Well. THAT was a bad idea. I love him more than life, and I am so incredibly happy to be back with him. We aren't engaged again, but we will be someday. I love him so much, and it's hard to keep all the gushiness to myself. :)

Second, which is directly related to number one, I am moving to North Carolina. It's a temporary thing, until I start school next fall (like 2012), and Shane gets out of the military. I'm finishing up the summer here in Florida, due to my commitment to the summer camp, and away I go!

Third, I received my SAT scores!! I was soooo nervous. I did VERY well in Reading, and I'm ok with my essay score. But I'm not pleased with my Math score at all. (well. I'm pleased that I did that well having studied zero amount of time, and having been out of school for 8 years.... but still. I can do better.) SO I'll be taking that again. But now I'll be sure to study, and I know I'll be far more comfortable now knowing what to expect. :)

Now. On to the photos. Please excuse my greasy hair in all of them. Today was a pool day, and I saw no reason to wash my hair the night before getting into a swimming pool. The fact that it had been 4 days since I actually washed it is irrelevant.

My good friend Lance is a professional chef (and new blogger. Go. Check. Him. Out. He's pretty flippin hysterical.) and invited me to dinner last night. Of course I was hesitant. I mean, who wants to drive 45 minutes after a long day of corralling children to eat gourmet food?

Oh right. Anyone.

So after cajoling me into showing up at his house to do absolutely nothing but have deliciousness made for me, I changed clothes (nope, no shower for this girl. My friends are SO lucky.) and hopped on over, jamming to the new Rise Against cd the whole 45 minutes. Love. Them. So. Much.

Here are the rest of the players in the dinner party extravagance.
Mikey Fox. Seriously amazing dude. In the top 5 of best men ever on the face of the planet. Love him. So. much.

Laura Lee. Co-blogger with Lance. Super pretty mom.

Cool girl Jenn whom I actually don't really know, but liked anyways.

And Lance's mom and stepdad. Unpictured. Sorry.

Dinner started off with (sorry have to revert back to Facebook, since it's too educated and wordy for me to remember. Did I say I scored well on Reading?! 250 is pretty good, right?!) roasted red pepper bruschetta with blueberry balsamic reduction and goat cheese. Delicious. So delicious. I'm now uber feeling Sophia's love for bell peppers. I just wanted more and more.

So while Lancey-Pants was cooking up the main dish, I decided to help with prep work and peel some garlic. Until he pulled out two bowls and said he wanted to try a trick he saw on tv. He then put the unpeeled garlic in one bowl, covered the with the other and "Shake, Shake, Shake Senora". Worked like a charm.

Um. hello. I must try this.

Shaking so hard I thought I was going pull a muscle. If you go by the picture, it appears I did...

The unveiling.

I was unsuccessful..

The bowls were then passed around for everyone to try, and I kept stealing them back, determined to not let Lance...ahem.. the garlic win. I ended up jumping up and down and making a racket probably heard in Thailand, but I succeeded.

BTW. It takes much less effort to just peel the garlic by hand...

Then Lance unveiled the main course.....pan seared pork medallions with wilted spinach and a bacon corn and red potatoe hash topped with blue berry demi. No I have no idea what that means, and yes I just copy-pasted. I think it translates into 'Tastebuds in Love'. But that may not be a direct translation.

We settled down around the dinner table, pretending to be a group of people who love each other. Then Lance and I started flinging insults, everyone ganged up on Mikey, and the conversation soon turned to 40 year olds getting to various 'bases'.

Nothing but class with us, folks.

Dessert was ..... keylime pie with a shortbread crust and blueberry compost. It was supposed to be blueberry whipped cream, but Lance IDon'tKnowHowToCook Larsen whipped a little too much and made some blueberry butter. Seriously. Where do I find these incapable people?!

I suggested Redi-Whip, but it was shot down. Emphatically. With glares. And threats on my life. Geeze. So-rrrr-eeee.

Afterwards, while everyone else was cleaning up, Mikey and I did what any gracious guest does. We lit things on fire in the kitchen while everyone worked around us. Our manners are seriously legit. :)
It was an amazing time with mind-blowing food, and wonderful company. I know I was only invited because I promised to link up on my blog, so can all 4 of my readers please go check out Lance and Laura's blog? Maybe they'll invite me back someday... Haha. :)

Peace out y'all. I'm off to do sleep so I can function like a proper human being at Wild Adventures tomorrow. I might even wash my hair. It's only been 5 days....



  1. Can we please have a blogging meetup? Are you close to VA? I would be super happy. I'm glad to know you and Shane are on good terms and back together. How exciting!

  2. on congrats! looks like it was a good time. and now you must sleep. hehe.

  3. Thanks katy we are glad you enjoyed my cooking XD

  4. Ah, that explains it! You left a comment about Shane's sleeping habits on my last blog post and I was really confused. But it all makes sense now. Katy, I am so happy that you two are working things out! That's wonderful! :)

    Also, the whole shaking-the-garlic-thing... hilarious. So glad you finally succeeded! ;)

  5. Are you sure that wasn't blueberry compote? Sounds awesome either way!

    I thought you might be talking about Shane in your last post, but I was afraid to say anything in case I was wrong. I'm happy for you!

  6. So happy that you and Shane are back togeter! Pete and I also had out bumps in the road the last couple months but as of right now we are pretty good and working on things :) it's gotten much better I just hope it stays that way. :)

    It's all about respecting eachother and forgiving eachother for messing up we all make mistakes and we need to learn that the only way to move on is to forgive people for their actions or words. Everyone is human and messes up sometimes... Loving and forgiving is the only way to be.


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