Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Friday!

Yup. I totally had alot to write about yesterday. (Well, maybe not a LOT, but still, something.) And I just blew it off. I read blogs, but was just not in the mood to write one. Bad blogger, I know. But sometimes you're just not feeling it, ya know?!

Anyways. I'm back. :)

Painting has been maddening, and is taking forever. Haha. Today we put down the flooring, and then I'm through with this blasted room! Well... you know... except for living in it. I'll be sure to take pictures of the finished product.

I was going to do Jillian's yoga video yesterday, but painting is an arm workout in itself, so I just counted that! Haha.

Tuesday was a pretty awesome day. Went to the beach with the fam, and just soaked up the sun to my heart's content. I went boogie boarding for the first time ever. It's the closest thing I've ever done that resembled surfing. (Insert ridiculous fear of sharks here...) It was alright. I'm just not a surfer. Or anything resembling it. Haha. I'll sit up on the beach and nap, or read, or listen to my devil rock music. I got some delicious boiled peanuts on the way home. Serious yum.

After the beach I raced over to meet my girlfriend Izzy, we went on an 11 mile bike ride. It was amazing! It's this neat paved path through the woods, and is gorgeous! You can bike, run, walk, rollerblade.... basically anything that doesn't have a motor is allowed! I'll definitely be doing my long runs there when I start for training for the half in September. Especially since every 1/2 mile is marked!

We're meeting up on Tuesday to go jogging, and I'm really looking forward to it. I think we're going to try to meet up once a week and do some sort of exercise, which is awesome. :-)

I also registered for another 5K, and am looking into a few more this summer. The one I registered for is the Bridge of Lions 5K in St. Augustine, and it's only a $20 fee! Woohoo. Plus, it's across the Bridge of Lions, which is a huge landmark in one of my favorite cities!! I'm really excited. Izzy might be doing it with me, and Ellie too. Which would be super awesome!

Another race I was looking is another beach race, but it's the weekend of my birthday (Labor Day), so I think that would be really cool!

Well I'm off to finish painting and put the floor on my bedroom! Have a great Friday everyone!!



  1. Ooh, a beach race sounds cool! I would think it's hard, but really fun! It's good to hear from you.

  2. my birthday is Sept 7th!! wooohoo labor day babies! i have never had boiled peanuts before and i love boogie boarding! actually, i like getting a blow up ring and sitting out in the ocean the best!

  3. Girl, I am jealous of your beach time! And no worries, the painting will get done eventually and you'll love the finished product! :)

  4. my birthday is sept 5!!!! did we already know this!?
    i want a bike with a basket!

  5. 11 mile bike ride!? That is crazy far good job! :)

  6. cute pics! I'm dying to get to the beach at some point this summer.Surgery is definitely getting in my way lol

  7. Sounds like a great bike/running path! Having shade definitely comes in handy during long runs. I can't even imagine running in Florida - the heat would kill me!


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