Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Mine was super stressful, and I'm glad it's over. Between my disaster of a (future) bedroom, and my terror of a seven year old BabyBro (he is still adjusting to Sister being home, and it's not been the most pleasant of experiences... think lots of slamming doors and kicking walls...), I managed to wake up today in a fairly great mood!

I am way behind on the bedroom, but I took today off anyways. Mom and I went to see the new Pirates of the Carribbean movie while Dad and BabyBro went to see Kung Fu Panda 2. I wore a cute new outfit I bought the other day. I needed a day not covered in dry-wall dust or paint. Desperately.

I thought the Pirates movie was not that great. Jack Sparrow wasn't as fun as he usually is, and I have never been a huge Penelope Cruz fan. However, I thought the mermaid parts were sweet. I love mermaids, though.. Haha. I am thinking of being a mermaid with my godbaby for Halloween. I think a scary mermaid would be fun. :) I'd have to figure out how to do the costume. Any suggestions?!

I didn't go see my Timmy Tebow today, which makes me kind of sad. I found out at like 11:00 last night that you needed a ticket to get a book signed, and they were all out. Boo. But I figure the man is from Jacksonville, so I'm sure he'll be back. I'll meet him someday. I. Will. Meet. Him. Haha. Not to sound like a stalker or anything...

Came home and played canasta with my mama. My grandmother usually plays with us, too, but she was reading. I love canasta. I swear I'm 24 going on 83. I love Bingo, slippers (see below...), canasta, yelling at kids to get out of my garden, crocheting... It's pretty awesome. My friend Anthony and I chat about growing old all the time. We can't wait. Haha. Now I just need to knit him that sweater....

Sophia informed me there are issues commenting on my blog. This makes me sad, so I'll probably be contacting Blogger about this. I've had so many issues since this new update. I hate it! Kind of makes me wish I had started with Wordpress, but it's too late now. Oh well.

I take my SATs on Saturday, and right after I head up to NC to get my furniture and stuff. Ah. A bed. It will be so nice to have my own bed again. Well, I'm off to stalk (er... read) your blogs now! I hope you can comment!!!

Also, this was my first Memorial Day as a veteran, and I have to say, it was wonderful!



  1. I think your mermaid costume would require vampire fangs. And lots of hissing.

    Good luck on the SATs and happy Memorial Day!

  2. Cute new outfit! I didn't think the Pirates movie was that great either. It was okay, but the other ones were way better.


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