Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Do You Mean I Can't Use the Sauna?!?!

First off, and I just need to get this off of my chest - I hate Blogger's new formatting. Hate, hate, hate. I miss the old way of doing things. Putting pictures in posts has become so annoying. And I hate picture-less posts!

Ok. I'm off my rant. For now. Today was more of the usual. Decided to go shopping. Haha. I just don't know what else to do with myself during the day. I bought more (Surprise!) books. I think May is just the month all of my favorite series decided to release a new volume! Haha. I also bought the movie Steel Magnolias. I was needing a good dose of Southern Charm. I think that movie will do the trick! :)

I went to the gym today and it was fail in two different ways. One, I had major chafing for the first time ever, and let me tell you. That sucks. I pumped out two miles, and didn't even want to walk to my car, it hurt so bad. I have no clue why this happened today, I was wearing my Nike tempo shorts that I have worn a gazillion times with no problem. Don't know what the issue was, but that needs to never happen again! And fail number two, was they closed the sauna for cleaning! Boooooo. Oh well. At least I got the run in. Right now I'm doing some laundry, but afterwards I'm going to do some minor arm work, and maybe some abs. I need to!

I created a page to log my exercises, and I'll admit I shamelessly stole the idea from Sophia at Raven Waves. :) There's nothing on it yet, I'm starting next week. Other than that, not much going on. Pretty lame Saturday night, but oh well. :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Blech for new blogger formatting. Wordpress changed theirs early into my blogging and I had literally just gotten the hang of the first one boo.

    I get chaffing on and off and it is the most painful thing in the world. I make everyone and their mother baby me while I had it and do my bidding.

  2. Chafing is the pits! I liberally apply Bodyglide before most of my runs because it just isn't worth the risk. That's pretty much the only advice I have besides don't wear shorts, which is a little extreme. I'm a bigger girl, so shorts and me do not belong together.

  3. Ah, chafing....blech. What an awful feeling. I once ran 13 miles with the v on my v-neck rubbing the skin off my chest in that one spot. It was miserable, and painful. Thinking about chafing just reminds me of finger nails on a chalkboard!

  4. I love having an exercise log! It helps me keep track, and realize when I've been skipping strength! Yay for you stealing my idea! And I'm sorry about the chafing. That really sucks girl! I hope it goes away soon!


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