Friday, May 27, 2011

Let's Bowl!

Hey y'all!

How is everyone?! I have been super busy lately. And pretty much loving every second of it. :-)

My room is coming along so nicely! This weekend will be spent painting and putting the flooring down. After that it's just the baseboards, and I'm ready to move in! (Once I get my furniture that is...) I spent this evening spackling so hopefully we can paint tomorrow. Whew. I'm ready to be done!
Yesterday was my friend (and Godfather of my godbaby, Akemi!) Lance's birthday, and a-bowling we went. He's a really big bowler, so that's what he wanted to do, and I love bowling, so I was pretty excited! I'm a terrible bowler, but I have a whole bunch of fun doing it. I do this weird skip thing, that everyone makes fun of me for, but when I try not to do it it messes me up, and I end up almost falling on my face. Hey. Bowling shoes are slippery. Don't judge me! Haha.

Funny story. While we were getting shoes I asked Lance what kind of bowler he was, the normal kind, or the all strike kind. He said (very self-assured, I might add...) that he was definitely the all strike kind. I just laughed and knew I was about to get dominated. (Personally I prefer golf scoring when it comes to bowling...)

Well were on frame 6, and Lance had yet to bowl a strike. Now I've gotten quite a few 'one pin' scores, and nothing even resembling a strike or spare. So I look at Lance and ask him where his strikes are. I then tell him, with all sorts of sass, to watch how it's done.

Remember. I'm in last. And a terrible bowler. So I promptly go up and bowl a strike. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THAT HAPPENED. But it was epic. Everyone with us started cheering, and I felt like a celebrity. I mean, at least a D-List celebrity. But it was my claim to fame in life. :)

Second game I even bowled a better score than Lance. However, he was stumbling drunk by that point, and I was stone cold sober, so perhaps it was an "unfair" advantage. But I think that's shenanigans, and I'm counting it. BOO-YAH. :-)

Sooooo, huge news. Um. Tim Tebow is having a book signing here in Jacksonville on Monday. Oh yeah. That's happening. I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!! Cue a whole bunch of exclamation points. Though I'll probably faint or turn ridiculously shy, and (for the first time in my life) not be able to talk. Either way, I'm like 98% positive I'm going to make a huge fool of myself. I'll be sure to fill you all in on the details. :-)

Well. I'm off to shower. I'm covered in Spackle, and while I think the spotted look is mega-hot on me... I'm also crazy, so I'm sure I'm all alone in those thoughts. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Memorial Day weekend. Please think of me while eating delicious BBQ. :-)

And now, just to be completely unabashedly narcissistic, here are a few photos of ... well... just me. :)


  1. Bowling looks like fun! I haven't gone in years, and I have to fix that ASAP!

  2. 1. You are gorgeous, Katy! Seriously!

    2. The bowling story - epic! Love it! I say it 100% counts! So way to be amazing. :)

    3. Have fun meeting Tim!!

  3. nice with the strikes! WHAT is on lance's fingers? they're blue!

  4. Wait Time Tebow wrote a book? I was mildly obsessed with him and Colt McCoy for awhile. Probably because Ohio State's QB is a terrible human being.

    I'm with you on golf scoring in bowling. I'm so bad I usually get bored halfway through a game and wander off while my husband bowls for me.


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