Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Africa is a Pretty Close Country

So, I have a horrible confession to make. I'm currently drinking a Cherry Coke. Oh yeah. Only a can, so not it's not exactly a 2 liter, but I left my water bottle somewhere (I think the gym), and I just caved. Whoops. Oh well. Nobody is perfect. :)

So I went shopping today (I know. I have a problem. Once I don't have like 23 hours and 45 minutes to myself every single day, it will be easier to find other things to do with my time.) and I found some super cute business outfits, but didn't buy them. I would have if I had known for sure I would be working in a place that requires business attire, but I have no clue. So I didn't want to spend the money, even though I love business suits so hard. :)

I did buy some cute accessories at Claire's though. I haven't gotten accessories in a while, so I bought some. Most were on sale. I'll try to take photos of them as I wear them. I got a really neat bracelet with the lyrics from "All You Need Is Love" on it, though it jangles, so I have to get used to that. Haha.

I finally went and saw Something Borrowed, and I loved it. I'm so glad I didn't judge by the book. The movie made the characters seem so much more human, if that makes sense. In the book, the main character was annoying at how she didn't even feel guilty for sleeping with her best friend's fiance. And it was a full blown, months long affair. The movie was much more realistic, and changed alot to make the characters more likeable, honestly.

As I was leaving the theater, I was behind this group of girls, who were talking about the books, and they pretty much gave the whole story away for the sequel. So I won't be reading that.... Haha. I was kind of annoyed, but since I really hated the first book, I wasn't really planning on reading it anyways.

I was leaving the gym today, and was walking behind these two girls who were talking about how far away they parked, and used the term 'BFE', which I'm sure y'all know means Butt-F*** Egypt. Then they got into the discussion about how one girl's husband always says he "Parks in Africa", and then this is where the conversation went.
First Girl: "But Africa isn't even the farthest country away."
Second Girl: "I know, Egypt is much farther away than Africa."

Wow. And we wonder what happens when America neglects the school system.One, Africa is a continent, not a country. And Two, Egypt is a country in the continent Africa. Not that I needed to explain that to y'all. But still. I was so annoyed.

I guess I just didn't have any luck walking behind groups of girls today. Haha. I'm going to Busch Gardens on Saturday, and I'm super excited. In case you haven't been able to tell, I'm obsessed with theme parks. They rock my socks off.

Ah! I almost forgot. I saw the trailer for the last Harry Potter movie. I had chills, goosebumps, and I almost was in tears. Harry Potter is pretty much my dream life, and I'm so excited for this movie it's absurd. I'm actually dreading it, also, because then it's over. And I don't want it to be over! :( I love it too much! I was the same way with the book. (Not that it stopped me from going out at midnight and picking it up, and then locking myself in my room until it was done. Seriously. I fell asleep with the book open on my chest, and woke up a few hours later just to continue reading.)
Anyways. I'll leave y'all with this lovely photo of me post gym/sauna. The girls in the locker room probably think I'm insane for taking pictures in the bathroom mirror. Not that I care. :)


  1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg..or Tampa? I would love if you said Williamsburg because that is near me. ;)

  2. I love you.

    Change your shirt. Immediatley.

  3. Hahaha, that comment about Egypt made me lose it. And then I trembled in fear realizing those girls are probably future physicians or something equally terrifying.

    Makes sense that the characters are better in the movie. I suspect having a familiar face attached to them would make them inherently more likeable.

  4. I'm glad the movie was good, I really want to go see it!
    What those girls Just wow.

  5. I think Harry Potter is going to be ridiculously good! I'm glad Something Borrowed was good! It's weird when movies actually are better than the book versions!

  6. Shopping, Something borrowed and the gym sounds like a good day - just add some ice cream in there and were good to go :)


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