Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crafting On A Budget

Hey y’all! I am so excited! But first off, random picture of myself.


            [Mermaid hair!]

So today, I went out looking for a bargain so I can get started on all of my crazy DIY craft ideas that I’ve collected from Pinterest. I’m looking for a bargain, because, well. I’m unemployed. I have savings from the Navy, but without getting too boring financially, there is more output than there is input.

I scored, BIG TIME.

First off, I hit up the Dollar Store. Always a blast. I found this glass cylinder for [gasp] a dollar, which made me kind of giggle. A week ago we were in a department store [I’m not saying which…] and saw a set of three of those exact cylinders for…. $40. Seriously. They weren’t painted, they didn’t have any special shape, or color, or etching. Just plain old glass cylinders exactly like this one….           


                   [The paint is for a craft coming up later on. ]

Next I hit up Wal-Mart, which ironically is the only place I didn’t score a sale! Afterwards I went to Michael’s and scored even more loot. All of the paper cutting tools and craft paint was 40% off. I love 40% off!

So basically I scored all of this for…… $30.75. Exactly. I was so excited!


So I gathered up my favorite elf helper, and we started crafting.


[Love a man who will help me channel my inner Martha Stewart.]

Anyways, I’m off to do some crafts and watch some Kardashians. Yeah. It’s my guilty pleasure. <3


  1. I subscribe to the Joann's email list so I can see when they are having sales on the craft supplies I use the most. I should get back to knitting and scrap booking sometime soon.

  2. I love craft bargains...I have this thing about it--if it's not a bargain, I might as well just buy the finished product and not be crafty!
    Michaels seems to have lots of great deals all the time!

  3. I love love love craft bargains! Micheal's has the best sales for real. I can't wait to see what you did with it girl!


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