Monday, August 1, 2011

My Anniversary Weekend!

Hey y’all! I just thought I ‘d pop in and do a quick post about the rest of my weekend, since Shane was in town for our anniversary. (Does anyone else always want to spell anniverrsarry?! I love double letters…)

After the epic win of the water gun fight, we had a wonderful time not shooting others with H2O.

I picked him up from the airport on Friday night, and I was SO. EXCITED. I was all dressed up and felt like I was in a movie! Haha. We headed back to Ellie’s to stay the night and hang out with friends. Mikey and Lance were there and we all gushed over water guns, and Shane spent about 3 hours “practicing”. :)

Saturday we woke up and headed out early to grab a camera charger for my camera (it was left in NC), to make sure we were back in time for shenanigans. :)

After the fight, which is fully recapped here, we had plans to go to dinner and then a movie, but ended up passing out on the couch for hours. The sun and late night Friday had taken it out of us!

We did end up getting up, and I got all fancified.


So did my boy.


We ended up not eating at the fancy Hibachi grill we planned on going to, and hitting up a Steak and Shake instead. It was not very good, but then again my stomach was already hurting. The milkshake was yummy, though!


After the obligatory kissy picture, we went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love.


It was SO. GOOD. Seriously. Everyone should go see it. It was funny, heartwarming, and had a twist I didn’t see coming. There was only one part I wasn’t too sure about, but I won’t say because it was at the end. I still give this movie 2 thumbs wayyyy up. It’s a really good date movie, too.

Sunday we went to this place in Jacksonville called Pottery Works. You take unfinished pottery, and paint it however you want, and they glaze and fire it for you. It was so much fun. A really neat (though expensive….) date idea.

Shane painted a piggy bank (I’m kinda obsessed with them!)


I painted a set of coasters (we also love those!) that I loved, except for the blue fish one. Haha. It will go on the bottom of the stack. :)


Here is the finished piggy. I put the skull on there. :)


All in all, it was a fun date, and one we will probably do again, though not very often, since it was pretty pricey.


Afterwards we met up with my best friend Patrick who was driving through town on his way to Virginia. We went out for cupcakes/froyo. I love him to death. Please excuse my hair. I have no idea what was going on with it.


Alas, my sexy manfriend had to make his way back to North Carolina, yesterday. I was so sad dropping him off at the airport. But only a few more weeks and I will be living with him up there, and all will be right again. I miss him like crazy already.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!!


  1. glad you had a great weekend!!! I have 2 groupons for 50 dollars worth of paint your own pottery! i am saving them for christmas presents!

  2. Aw so fun!! I made a pitcher doing pottery a couple of weeks ago, you just reminded me i need to pick it up!

  3. Paint your own pottery is crazy expensive. I love your coasters though (even the one you hate)! Looks like a great anniversary!

  4. Awe I'm glad you guys had such a fun time together. I have never been to a steak and shake-but booo for not as good food. But YAY for you looking so cute!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both!! We love that dress you have on in the first 2 pics! SO FREAKIN CUTE!! :)

  6. Aww happy anniversary, girl!! :) Looks like you guys had a great time. I love your coasters too! And I love that you included froyo in your date - we totally do that too. :D


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