Thursday, August 25, 2011

Halloween Decorations: Part I

Hey y’all! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to keep my creative side busy (I left the majority of my scrapbook stuff in Florida), so I went to stalking the wonderful Jenn’s blog!

She has this wonderful craft involving upcycling glass with acrylic paint! I’ll let her explain the details and the how-to, and I’ll just show you my version! :)


[Obviously the candle was not my doing. But that scent is AAAAH-MAZING.]

Shane and I bought some cheap glass vases at Michaels and originally some purple acrylic paint. Unfortunately, the type of paint we bought was obviously meant for painting, and not pouring. So, we zipped back to Wal-Mart and found the cheap kind! (Good news is, I got 3 different colors for the price of 1 at Michaels!)



[Please excuse the fingernails…. I know it’s time for a re-do!]

Then I got out my Sharpie paint pens. (These little gems were EXPENSIVE, at least for me, but are freaking amazing!) I bought them at Michaels, and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen any. They are oil-based paints, and work wonderfully on glass! I googled how to draw spiderwebs since my drawing capabilities are like zero. And…… VOILA.


    [A little Desperate Housewives action in the background. ]

I tried drawing pumkins on the orange… but I need more practice. Haha. So thanks Jenn for the amazing idea, and I think they turned out pretty freaking awesome. Shane loves them, too!


Now I’m off to do some laundry and stuff. By that I mean watch Desperate Housewives and check on the clothes when the machine sings to me. Yes. Instead of an annoying blaring noise when our clothes are done, our ridiculously overpriced-yet-gorgeous washer and dryer gives out a pleasant little jingle. :)


  1. Ohmygawwwwd its so cute! Cant waut ti see it on my comp vs phone! Eep typos! Lol

  2. halloween already?! oh i don't know if I am ready, but it looks cute!

  3. Those look so adorable!! I can't wait for Halloween candle scents!

  4. ah how cute!! katie stewart in the house!

  5. love this!! really cute and i have been seeing a lot of this on pinterest! you should search there for DIY things too!!

  6. Nice job! I think you might be a better artist than you give yourself credit.


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