Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Three Tangent Tuesday

Hey y’all! It’s Tuesday again! Which means it’s time for Three Tangent Tuesday! This delightful gem was created was by Janae at Hungry Runner Girl, and it’s just a time for me to scare my readers off with bits about how WEIRD I am.

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Three Tangent Tuesday!

+This is why I couldn’t make my bed this morning…


            [Bagheera took over my bed….]

Luckily I was able to lure her away long enough to get the covers done. She jumped back up before I could do the pillows however. I was FINALLY able to complete it, and this is the final product…..


[She definitely has strong opinions on where she belongs. Princess]

+This Friday is my birthday! And I will be turning 25, and guess I better get used to it, since I fully plan on being 25 for the next 5 years. It’s so hard to believe this is coming, it feels like just yesterday I was turning….

birthday bash 109


I was obviously more excited about that birthday than I am this one. :)

…..However…. This birthday, I will be……

+Going to The Swamp! This Saturday I will be going to….


Which is….

Swamp 2

If you know ANYTHING about me at all, it is I am A HUGE Gator fan. So my rock-star of a boyfriend got us tickets to the first game of the 2011 Season, which just so happens to be the day after my birthday. I am so excited I could scream. And will be. A lot. On Saturday!

Okie dokie, y’all, that’s it for this week’s TTT. I have to make it through 2 more days, and then it’s my birthday! Woohooo! From what I hear there are lots of September babies out there, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to y’all also! :)


  1. Happy birthday (almost)!
    I think 25 is a great age, way better than 21. I'd tell you that 30 is even better, but you probably won't believe me!
    Happy Three Tangent Tuesday :)

  2. For my 24th my husband and I went to the OSU (my team) vs Iowa (his team) game. It was crazy fun although he still talks about how Iowa should have won (sour grapes much, sir?). Happy birthday!


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