Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Three Tangent Tuesday!

Hey y’all! How have you been? I’ve been super busy moving into Shane and I’s apartment, and having a visitor that I’ve been an awful blogger. My apologies!

But, now I have a whole bunch of free time, so there is no reason not to get back to blogging regularly. Yay! Starting with TTT! For those who don’t know, Three Tangent Tuesday was started by Janae at HungryRunnerGirl, and it’s a chance to share three little tidbits about yourself or day. I love it!

So, here goes!

+ I started working out again! And boy does it suck. Haha. I made Shane get up with me before work today and go for a run with me, and let me say, I’m so out of shape, it’s ridiculous. So, thankfully I have a man willing to get up with me to help remedy that problem.


+ My new favorite past-time is taking pictures while Shane is trying to get ready. :) I just bug him in the bathroom, and luckily he doesn’t annoy easily.



+ I bought a new water bottle. Now, I have like 300, but they were all left at my mom’s house. So… I found a new one! A Bobble! Hopefully it helps me drink water, because besides being out of shape this morning, I was awfully dehydrated. Plus, it’s super funky.


In other news, I’ve been cooking/baking a lot lately, and I’m starting to get together decorations for Halloween. I’m thinking of doing a Halloween decorating post, or two. I’m kind of mad about Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday.

Hope everyone is having a good time!


  1. Does that water bottle filter the water as you drink it?! In college that was my idea for a marketing branding presentation. I knew I should have gone with it. I would be RICH!

  2. I love my Bobble! I set goals for myself to have to fill it a certain number of times a day and it's definitely keeping me hydrated. I've actually got 2 to give away on my blog sometimes soon.

  3. Totally dig your new water bottle! Looks so cool!

  4. Those photos are so much fun! I love it. Oh and that water bottle is the coolest thing ever. That is all.

  5. Halloween already!! AHH, no summer can't be over yet! Don't remind me, haha! That Bobble water bottle looks neat.


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