Monday, August 29, 2011

We’re Alive!

Woohoo! We survived Irene!

In all seriousness, I’m so happy that Irene decreased so much in intensity before she hit us, because that angry lady hit us DEAD ON. Shane and I live in an apartment building, so there wasn’t much prep to be done, but we did buy some water, stocked up on some snacks, and kitty food/litter, and some activities to be done without power. Shane also duct taped our windows.


The storm itself was pretty neat, Shane slept right through it, and I kept waking up to look out the window at the trees doing backbends.

The only time I got freaked was when there was a tornado warning, one had hit ground not too far from out apartment, and I can do hurricanes, but I do NOT tornadoes. So we went into the bathroom and I snuggled up next to Shane and pretty much went between panic/praying for 45 minutes. Longest 45 minutes of my life.

During this panicked time Shane was trying to calm me, and in a moment of trying to distract me, gave me the power to decorate the bedroom in whatever I want. Yeah. I remember that! I’ve been stalking Pinterest ever since.

[No, really. I’m obsessed with Pinterest. It’s quite possibly the most amazing thing ever, and how am I so late to this party?!]

The next day we lost power. Yeah, that’s right. The hurricane was almost gone before we lost our power. Our good friend Chris lives about 45 minutes away and still had power, so we ventured out to asses damage, and enjoy air conditioning.


Thankfully, the damage to our area was minimal, mostly fallen limbs and slight flooding. There were, however, over 280,000 without power. Pretty crazy….

Now it’s back to business as usual, laundry, cleaning, etc. I’m working on more crafts, so I can’t wait to post on those! Until next time, my friends!


  1. glad to hear your okay girl :)

  2. Yay! I have seen your stalking on pinterest! It is addicting! I wonder if you can make boards private? ahem, my wedding board is the only one I would want kept to myself hahahaha

  3. I'm glad you guys made it through the storm OK and without major damage. I agree, tornadoes are just too sketchy, the town I grew up in had warnings nearly every night in the summer and I was used to it - but now when we have a rare warning in the city I freak!

  4. Oh girl, I'm so glad to hear that you guys are okay!

    And also, totally love Pinterest too! I'm not sure how I'm so late to the party either! I just started using it a couple of weeks ago and I am LOVING it, haha!

  5. Glad you are ok! I've been without power for multiple days more than once and it sucks!

  6. Wahh. Glad to hear you are okay! Real life is not needed.

  7. glad ou are ok!! that storm looked brutal Katy. You are always well prepared for life.

  8. Glad you are okay. I was never so scared in my life when I saw my trees start to sway! Thank you for your comment on my Paint Chip art. You said you found me on Pinterest. How? What exactly is that? Thanks!


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